Join the people and organizations working to make our community healthy and hunger- free! Participate in a LITTLE friendly competition and make a BIG impact!



Here's How it Works: 

Teams will earn points for every helpful action they take, and together, we'll fight hunger one "helping" at a time. Awards will be given to the teams that earn the most points in each category.

Each team can have up to 5 members. An organization can have multiple teams. The competition is open to anyone aged 12 years and older.  


- 1 pound of food donated = 10 points 

- $1 fundraised = 7 points 

- 1 hour per person volunteering = 15 points 


- Sign up for Volunteer Bonus Days = 5 points per hour 

- Social media picture & post = 10 bonus points per team member.
(Maximum of 50 points per team. 
Must have a caption tagging us and explaining why you’re participating in Second Harvest’s 2020 HAM Trilympics. Send a screenshot of your social media post to LRUSERE@secondharvest.org)

- Recruit another team to join = 50 points

- Entire team has registered to vote = 50 points

- Entire team has completed the census = 50 points


Helping Hands Award - Team that logs the MOST VOLUNTEER HOURS 

Foodie Award - Team that donates the MOST POUNDS OF FOOD
Impact Award - Team that raises the MOST FUNDS 

Humanitarian Award - Team that earns the most points for all combined categories 



Let's Get Started! 


Earn your first 20 points simply by registering; then be on the look out for a follow up email from Lou Rusere (lrusere@secondharvest.org), your
Hunger Action Month Trilympics Coordinator. 



Once you have filled out your Volunteer Application,
you can choose when and where you want to volunteer on our
Volunteer Opportunities page. When you sign up to volunteer, be sure leave a comment stating that you’re participating in the Trilympics.


Earn Extra Points for Volunteer Bonus Days:

The first  Volunteer Bonus Day is  September 10 - Hunger Action Day.
Additional Volunteer Bonus Days are, September 14-15, 21-22, and 28-30. Sign up for these special bonus days here. 
When you sign up to volunteer on any of these days you can earn an extra 5 bonus points per hour, per person. When you sign up for a bonus day, be sure to leave a comment on the sign-up page stating that you’re signing up for the Trilympics. 



Visit our Virtual Food Drive page to register your team. You can then share your virtual food drive page with friends, family members, and community members on social media to raise money to support Second Harvest's mission. When you create your team’s virtual food drive page, be sure to note that you are raising money for the Trilympics.

Any cash donations can be brought to Second Harvest Food Banks main facility located at 3655 Reed Street in Winston-Salem. Be sure to ask for a receipt and let us know that its for your Hunger Action Month Trilympics team!



Anyone can start a food drive! Reach out to your community to collect canned and non-perishable foods, then bring those donations to Second Harvest Food Bank's main facility located at 3655 Reed Street in Winston-Salem. Be sure to ask for your donations to be weighed in for the Trilympics and make sure you get a receipt!



Facts About Food Insecurity

Every community in America has families that struggle with hunger. This Hunger Action Month, learn more about food insecurity in your community.


Many of the families coming to Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC's network of food assistance programs are employed. However, low wages, rising costs for housing, and other challenges often combine to leave families unable to afford all of the groceries they need. These families are food insecure -- they cannot reliably and consistently afford enough food to live a healthy, active life. 


Food insecurity in our communities was a significant challenge before the pandemic struck. Now, Feeding America estimates that 1 in  5 Northwest North Carolinians may be food insecure, while 1 in every 4 children is living at risk of going without enough to eat.

Experiencing hunger during childhood can have a life-long impact on your mental and physical health and educational achievement.

Federal nutrition programs, like SNAP/FNS (Formerly called Food Stamps), that provide support to buy groceries are a critical to individual health, community health, and the health of our nation. For every 1 meal our food bank provides, SNAP/FNS provides 9. 

At Second Harvest, we believe that everyone deserves to eat.

And we believe that effectively addressing food insecurity in our communities will continue to require all of us working together. That includes people like you, food banks like ours, as well as the public and private sectors.  

Does someone you know need help to put food on the table?

We all need help sometimes. During the pandemic, more families are struggling than ever before. Let's all commit to spreading the message: It's okay to ask for help. 
This tool can help you and others locate the food pantry programs nearest you:


Thank you for #FeedingCommunity with us!


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