5 Myths About Hunger in Northwest North Carolina

What does hunger look like in North Carolina?

It is not always visible, and when you do see it… it might not look like what you would think.

Unlike the vivid images of famine in third world countries, hunger plays out more subtly and privately in the lives of thousands of Northwest North Carolinians. It plays out quietly in classrooms, as children try to keep up with their lessons. It plays out in the homes of seniors, as they sacrifice meals to afford medications they need. It plays out in hushed conversations between parents, as they try to stretch stagnant paychecks to cover the growing rent, the light bill, fixing the car, and—finally and all too frequently last—food.

If we can debunk these prevalent myths and misunderstandings about hunger, we can help raise awareness of the problem and help more people in need.

MYTH: There’s a hunger crisis in other parts of the world—not in North Carolina.

FACT: More than 41 million people face hunger in the United States. That’s more people than the entire population of Canada. And it means that across our nation, people simply can’t make ends meet. 1 in every 7 p