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5 Ways to Use Frozen Corn

This post was contributed by Second Harvest Food Bank’s Nutrition Services Manager, Kina M. Charles, MS, RDN, LDN. For more nutrition tips, click here.

Frozen corn is a great vegetable to incorporate into any meal or side dish; it adds a touch of sweetness to the dish it complements. It’s quick and easy to prepare—no washing or chopping needed (what a time saver!), plus it’s versatile and delicious.

There are many ways to prepare frozen corn—baking, roasting, steaming, microwaving or even thawing out and adding to a salad.

Check out a few of our favorite recipes that provide five different ways to incorporate frozen corn into your meals:

A Baked Favorite: Crispy Taquitos

Looking for a tasty Mexican side dish or appetizer? Make your next meal a big hit with these delicious baked taquitos that combine corn, fresh pico de gallo, chicken, veggies and cheese. Recipe here.

The Classic Side: Corny Corn Bread

Cornbread just got cornier by adding one cup of corn to this traditional cornbread recipe. Customize the flavor of this classic comfort food with seven variations found in the recipe. Pair this cornbread recipe with any main course or the perfect bowl of chili—just see our next recipe. Recipe here.

The Easy Chili: 3-Can Chili

Only four ingredients make this homemade chili a fan favorite. Mix corn, beans of your preference, crushed tomatoes and chili powder to taste for this quick and easy chili. Recipe here.

The Refreshing Salad: Corn and Green Chili Salad

This healthy corn salad boasts of flavor from diced tomatoes, lime juice, green onion and cilantro. Ready in 10 minutes, this refreshing salad is sure to please. Recipe here.

The Colorful Side Dish: Black Bean and Couscous Salad

This salad packs a punch with ½ cup of vegetables per serving! The colorful vegetables make this an eye-appealing lunch or dinner. Recipe here.

The other “5 Ways” infographics, including Berries 5 Ways, Yogurt 5 Ways, Turkey 5 Ways, and more, are available at

For more healthy recipes, click here. Learn more about the vegetable groups here.

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