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Feeding Fresh: Tyson Foods makes a lead gift to help increase Second Harvest produce distribution

Yesterday, the Tyson Foods team traveled all the way from Wilkesboro to Winston-Salem in order to lend a hand to process the donations that are rolling in here at Second Harvest from our holiday food drives!

While the Tyson team was sorting dry food items yesterday, there’s an exciting plan to make some big, transformational changes to the very space they were working in… and they are helping to make that change possible.

Last year, Second Harvest moved 2.8 million pounds of produce through our warehouses and out to families and communities where it is needed most. We believe this fresh, healthy food is imperative to the health of our communities, and Tyson Foods agrees.

We are thrilled to announce Tyson Food’s has made a lead gift and investment of $250,000 to support our food bank’s goals of increasing low income communities access to fresh foods through our network.

These funds will be used to transform the room we were working in yesterday (and an adjacent room) into a 3,000 square foot cold storage complex, complete with an area for volunteers to assist with culling and sorting produce donations from our retail partners, North Carolina farmers, community gardens and other sources.

Because everyone deserves fresh, healthy food.

Together, with Tyson Foods and generous supporters like YOU we are #feedinghealth and #feedingcommunity!

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