“If we can just make it to the end of the summer, we’ll be alright.”

Summertime is an expensive time for Northwest North Carolina families, and even families above the poverty line feel the burden of childcare and must come to creative solutions to cover their basic needs.

The following is a guest blog post written by Zac Shuford of Guilford County. Zac is a mechanic and a father, and talks about the incredible expense of childcare during the summer, and how it impacts families struggling to make ends meet.

I walk with my hands up in front of my face. Up the four stairs in my garage to the door into my kitchen. Pushing the handle down with my elbow, I swing the door open. The floor is mostly clean, just a few abandoned toys and some dust bunnies making friends in the corners. The sink, on the other hand, is full of dishes from today and yesterday. I turn and wash the grease and oil off my hands right on top of them. “I’ll get to that.”