Mapping the Meal Gap in Northwest North Carolina

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Child food insecurity rates across Northwest North Carolina are higher than the overall food insecurity rates.

That’s the major take-a-way from Map the Meal Gap 2019, the latest report by Feeding America® on food insecurity and the cost of food at both the county and congressional district level. It is the only study that provides food insecurity data at the local level, and one that Second Harvest looks to in order to understand what is happening in the counties we serve, and how we should respond.

Map the Meal Gap 2019 reveals that food insecurity exists and persists in every county in Second Harvest Food Bank’s 18 county service area. It also shows that children are more likely to be food insecure, with the child food insecurity rate at 21.4% compared to 14.6% for the overall population in Northwest North Carolina counties.

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