Ready to Shine: Providence Culinary Training Alumna is Helping Open Our New Restaurant

Great Grandma Ginny’s coconut cake was what you call “small town famous.”

Tara Madison remembers her great grandmother’s table being covered with coconuts. Ginny would pour out the milk and scrape the flesh into large bowls. The phone would begin to ring a few weeks before Christmas with people from throughout the county placing orders for the cake. Even back then, Ginny could sell the cakes for $25–a pretty penny for a small Southern town in the 1980’s. Tara remembers her mother answering the phone one time and accidentally giving the wrong price of $35, but the customer still said yes. So the price went up. That’s just how good they were.

The recipe for that coconut cake hangs on Tara’s refrigerator now. “It’s right there, with a pict