Strengthening Families and Communities: FNS Outreach at Second Harvest

In Watauga County, a young couple is homeless, unemployed and raising a two month old infant. They were living in the woods prior to finding pace in a local shelter, and the mother nearly lost her life after a C-section and improper after-care. She has been hospitalized for nearly the entire two months her child has been alive.

In Caldwell County, an older woman worked her entire career in a manufacturing plant and is now in poor health. She sees seven doctors on a regular basis, and has to decide if she can go to her appointments, or buy medicine and food. In Forsyth County, a CNA quits her position because she was not being paid for the complete number of hours she was working. Thankfully, she has been offered a new position. However, the training for the new position takes nearly three months– unpaid. She exhausted all of her savings during the job search… and needs help now.

These are the stories… and the people… that come to see Sonsera Kiger, Second Harvest Food Bank’s Federal Nutrition Services Outreach Coordinator, who travels throughout our 18-county service region answering questions and helping individuals apply for SNAP benefits (formerly known as food stamps).