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We Love Our Volunteers: Second Harvest 2018 Volunteer Awards

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Every year, we gather for an evening to celebrate our volunteers who give so much to us, so frequently.

Second Harvest volunteers engage with our mission in a variety of ways, but the focal point of our volunteers is to make sure that the food we are rescuing or having donated to us is safe and fit to be sent out. This means that our volunteers spend hours inspecting food packaging, labels, and expiration dates and carefully packaging it to be sent out to our partners across Northwest North Carolina. They sort food, they inspect eggs, they haul boxes, they load pallets… they make the food bank tick.

This year, we honored a few outstanding volunteers who have really gone above and beyond in their commitment to our mission of feeding community.

Madeline Culver

Madeline is a familiar face to anyone who comes to Second Harvest Food Bank. Madeline has been volunteering regularly with Second Harvest since 2014, and also volunteers with our partner agency, Crisis Control on a regular basis. Madeline’s commitment to providing nutrition and support to people in need is felt across our community.

Don Snyder

Don has volunteered at Second Harvest for a little over four years, and has always done an “eggscelent job.” Don kindly teaches groups of volunteers how to inspect eggs, and is helpful and supportive of others who are volunteering (he brings snacks!). He has even gone out of his way to go check in on volunteers who are out sick, and take folks food when they need it.

Luz Amador

Luz is a volunteer who is always full of life, and brings that to Second Harvest. She always has a smile on her face and is so full of energy she just seems to brighten the room when she walks in. Luz has been volunteering at Second Harvest since 2014, and when she first started volunteering she would walk 30 minutes each way to our warehouses to help sort and pack food. Her dedication to help others is like no other.

Greg McGrath

Greg is a quiet man and a calm presence at Second Harvest Food Bank. He loves helping others and when big groups arrive to volunteer, he will jump in and show them how to sort and pack food without missing a beat. Greg is so kind and special to us, and we are honored to be able to honor him.

Craig Turner

Craig has been a loyal volunteer for over four years at Second Harvest Food Bank. He not only helps in our warehouses, but also comes in on his “days off” to fill in our egg department when we have the need. His flexibility and willingness make him shine as a volunteer.

Cathy Larmore

Cathy has provided tremendous Board leadership since joining the Board of Directors as a representative of Berkshire Hathaway. She defines a ‘can do’ perspective and a ‘how can I help’ approach to everything she does for Second Harvest Food Bank. She continues to be the lynchpin in engaging Berkshire Hathaway in so many ways to benefit the mission of Second Harvest. This includes regular volunteer involvement, direct donations, sponsorship of events, and using their media purchases to cross-promote the Food Bank, which was highlighted last year with honoring Clyde Fitzgerald as we celebrated his retirement. Finally, Cathy continues to provide very thoughtful leadership to the Board Governance Committee, which is going to help us transform this work to be more beneficial to the functioning of the Board as well as the nominating process that will ensure we continue to bring on high quality, dedicated Board members.

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