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When Disaster Strikes, Feeding America Food Banks Step Up

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

How Second Harvest’s Disaster Response Works

Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC is part of Feeding America – the national network of food banks which, in addition to year-round hunger relief operations, also helps to orchestrate disaster response to serious incidents such as hurricanes.

Our goal as a nationwide network is to take care of as many people as we can, as quickly as we can. For Feeding America, Feeding the Carolinas, and Second Harvest that means making sure people have food and water— so that in the face of such devastation, families don’t have to worry about whether they’ll have enough to eat.

Our Food Bank takes an active role in recovery efforts following major disasters, working with FEMA, The American Red Cross, The Salvation Army and the North Carolina Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NC VOAD). Second Harvest is also a member of the Forsyth County COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disaster) and is prepared to support disaster relief throughout the state of North Carolina and especially in our 18-county service area, which we care for year round. Our staff is well-trained and facilities are well prepared for situations such as these.

Historically we have provided disaster response to local, regional, and national disasters such as the recent tornadoes in Guilford and Rockingham Counties and Hurricanes Irma, Harvey, and Katrina to name a few.

What is happening now?

In the face of Hurricane impacts, fires in the west, and significant flooding in numerous states, the Feeding America network is engaged in coordinated responses efforts.

Feeding America, Feeding Louisiana, Feeding Louisiana Food Banks have been working together since last week to coordinate efforts prior to the storm’s arrival. Currently, members are still assessing the damage and accounting for staff members. Food Bank partners across the Gulf Coast are mobilizing. On the west coast, members in California and Nevada continue to respond to the needs of residents impacted by fires.

Here at Second Harvest, we continue to receive up

dates from the National office and remain on standby should coordinating partners deem it necessary to activate and engage our Food Bank. Our sister food banks nearest the impacted areas are working together to coordinate response efforts.

While our Food Bank is not conducting any disaster-related collection efforts at this time, we stand ready to engage if and when we are called upon.

What can you do NOW to help the people and communities that may be impacted by the storm?

If you wish to support current disaster efforts, donating funds the Feeding America Disaster Fund is the most efficient, cost-effective, environmentally friendly way to help people affected by disaster.

Financial donations offer food banks, pantries and meal programs the most flexibility in obtaining the most needed resources. Cash donation will help put experienced disaster responders on the ground and give them the tools they need to help survivors recover. Your donations will allow responders to purchase food, water, medicine, and equipment from secure and familiar supply chains, including local sources locally. This can even help rebuild the local economy.

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