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Wondering What to Donate?

But First...

Before we talk about What to Donate, let's talk about Why To Donate.

One in seven people in Northwest North Carolina is food insecure, and one in five children do not have enough food to thrive. When children and adults do not have the nutrition they need to thrive, they cannot be and do their best.

So thank you. Thank you for taking the time to consider donating to our food drives. Our mission is to increase food security and create pathways that build a stronger Northwest North Carolina, which is only made possible through the support we receive from our community.

When you donate to Second Harvest, children have the fuel they need to grow, stay focused in school, and succeed. Seniors are not left to choose between food, necessary medications, or their other most basic needs. Working parents have the energy to be focused and productive on the job and present for their children.

Where To Start

Whether you are looking to add a few items to your cart while doing your grocery shopping or simply checking your pantry for items to donate, it is helpful to have something to reference.

At Second Harvest, we accept any “shelf-stable” or non-perishable food from dry goods to canned foods. (Items that can be kept in your pantry without spoiling)

Please ensure that the items you wish to donate have not reached their sell-by date. We accept donations across all food groups of non-perishables, because all foods can have a pace in a balanced date. That said, we encourage you to donate healthy food options.

Items We Need


Dry milk (low-fat)

Evaporated milk (2%)

Shelf-stable milk (1%)


Tomato Sauce

Diced tomatoes

Low-sodium canned vegetables



Unsweetened apple sauce

Shelf-stable fruit cups in juice

Canned fruit in juice, water, or light syrup


Peanut Butter

Canned salmon

Canned chicken

Canned tuna in water

Low-sodium bean soups

Dried or low-sodium canned beans


Brown rice

Whole wheat pasta

Whole grain crackers

High-fiber, low-sugar granola bars

Cereals: oatmeal, grits, raisin bran, and other whole grain cereal

Personal Care Items

We can also accept personal care and household items since many families struggle to afford these items, and they are not covered by other food assistance programs like SNAP. Some things to consider donating include diapers, laundry detergent, period products, and deodorant.

What Not to Donate

Please do not donate expired food items or any foods that i have a limited shelf life if not refrigerated.

Thank you for all you to support our mission and work!

Interested in Hosting a Food Drive?

Register your interest here.

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