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In the United States, thanks to farmers and farm workers, we produce enough food to feed everyone who lives here, yet hunger exists and persists in our communities.


Food or Rent? No One Should Have to Choose.

Hard-working families and seniors living on fixed incomes are struggling to stretch their incomes to cover basic needs. Too many Northwest North Carolina families are balancing their housing, utility, transportation, and childcare costs on low wages,while 

less and less income is left over to purchase food.

With help from people like you, Second Harvest and our network of food assistance programs are here to help struggling families.

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1 in 7 adults in Northwest North Carolina is food insecure.

1 in 5 children doesn't get enough food to thrive. 

Low wages. Fixed incomes that are not keeping up with rising costs of living. Poverty.


These are among the challenges that impact the economic stability of families and hunger is the symptom of this insecurity.


Millions of people across the nation face these challenges - but children and seniors, are among the most vulnerable.



Hunger in Northwest North Carolina.

Second Harvest serves communities across 18 counties, from Boone to Burlington. Some communities are cities, some are college towns, many are rural communities.  But not one is immune to hunger. 

Select a county to do a deeper dive into the challenges facing the area.

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Hunger is not just about's about health. 

Food is expensive and fresh, healthy options are even more so. Families frequently are forced to choose quantity (filling up bellies) over quality (healthier, nutrient-rich options). 


The connection between hunger and health is clear:  Obesity, diabetes, and other diet-related illnesses are higher in food-insecure households.

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To find solutions to hunger, we have to understand it.

Service Insights


Second Harvest works with our 18 county partner network to collect information on hunger and health in their communities. Learn more here.


Map the Meal Gap

This annual Feeding America study demonstrates the urgent need for each of us to find ways to be part of the solution to the problem of hunger in our local community. Information from the most recent study is captured in the county facts sheets available on this page. 

State of Senior Hunger Report


Our partner programs are seeing more and more seniors as our population ages and seniors are trying to make ends meet on fixed incomes. Read the report here. 

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