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About Us


Food Secure, Healthy  Communities


With our community and partners, we will increase food security and create pathways that build a stronger

Northwest North Carolina

Vision & Mission


We believe that access to food is a right; it serves as the foundation for each of us to live our best life and for our communities to thrive.




… have compassion and empathy for all individuals.

… honor the dignity of our community members.

… create change that requires collaborative, community-
     driven approaches.

… engage and listen to our community through mutual

… embrace everyone’s talents and gifts in creating solutions.

… value diversity and create a more inclusive environment.

… apply an equity lens to our actions and decision-making.

… demonstrate accountability, trust, and respect for those
     we work with, those we serve, and those who entrust their
     resources to us.

… seek innovation to advance our mission.



We Believe


Feeding Community Since 1982

Our Story
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Feed People, Not Landfills

America has more than enough food to feed everyone. But our abundance is accompanied by tremendous waste. By some estimates, nearly half of the food grown, processed, and transported in the U.S. goes to waste, as millions of Americans struggle to put food on the table.


It was these contrasting realities that led to the innovation of “food banking.” Working with retail grocers, farmers, food manufacturers, processors, and others, Second Harvest Food Bank’s food recovery operations prevent good food from going to waste by instead distributing it to local, food assistance programs. 

Moving Food

Every day, we move 40+ tons of food through our warehouses and out to our network of 515+ partner programs, many of which rely on Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest North Carolina for the majority of the food they provide. Together, with people like you, we work to make sure that any resident who needs help to feed themselves or their family can access the healthy food they need to live healthy, productive lives.

More Than Food

Supporting access to healthy food for all residents is vitally important to individual and community health, as is our work to address the root causes of food insecurity and poverty. Our work beyond providing food for today includes a nationally-recognized culinary training program, nutrition education, advocating for policies that strengthen families, and convening and collaborating with others to build locally relevant solutions to hunger and poverty.

We are a proud member of Feeding America and Feeding the Carolinas. 

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