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Feeding Community

At Second Harvest, we believe EVERYONE DESERVES TO EAT.


Our work focuses on addressing the immediate need for food assistance, as well as the root causes of food insecurity and poverty.


Feeding Hope, Health, and Opportunity


Second Harvest is proud to serve 18 Northwest North Carolina counties as a vital source of food and support services for more than 500 local food assistance programs.

The 40+ million meals that we and our on-the-ground partners provide each year are vital source of nutrition for food insecure families.


The work we do every day to connect issues of food insecurity, health, poverty, and opportunity improves the lives of families and supports the health and vibrancy of our communities.


We know that no one organization or individual, alone, can address issues of hunger and poverty. But together, we can.

Join Our Community

We all have a role to play in solving hunger, from the private sector to the public sector to individuals like you.

Our Work

Feeding Community

Meal and Grocery Programs


Everyone needs nutritious food to be healthy and to live life to the fullest.


Second Harvest serves as the major source of food for more than 500 food assistance programs throughout 18 counties of Northwest North Carolina. These partners include food pantries, soup kitchens, and shelters. In addition, Second Harvest partners in communities to provide:

  • Health clinic-based food pantries;

  • School Pantry and weekend BackPack programs for children;

  • Community Meals (nutritious, tray-packed meals) prepared for children, seniors, and adults with disabilities living in low-income households by our Providence team chefs, staff, and volunteers;

  • Community Food Distributions that provide fresh produce and other nutritious foods directly to families; 

  • Mobile Nutrition Services, delivering nutrition education and fresh produce to communities challenged by poverty; and

  • Farm Fresh Nourish, a program matching local farmers to local food assistance agencies.

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Meal and Grocery Programs
Health and Nutrition

Feeding Health

Supporting Healthy Lives and Healthy Communities.

When people are struggling economically, it is not uncommon to have to sacrifice quality or variety or even skip meals to make ends meet. After all, while most household expenses are fixed, the grocery bill is not.

The results can be devastating, with increased risk of: 

  • Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer

  • Trouble in school for children and teens

  • Increased stress and poor mental health

Second Harvest's Nutrition Services Team uses a variety of approaches to support healthy lives and healthy communities. These evidence-based services help families gain skills, knowledge, confidence, and resources to maximize their food resources for healthier eating.


Feeding Opportunity

PROVIDENCE CULINARY TRAINING: Changing lives, one recipe at a time.


Second Harvest's Providence programs have helped hundreds of individuals launch and enhance their culinary careers.


Courses include:

  • Culinary Fundamentals (6 weeks)

  • Advanced Culinary (six weeks plus one-week internship)

  • Barista Training (3 weeks)

  • GRACE (an adaptive kitchen classroom experience supporting greater independence and opportunity)


Scholarships are available. 

Providec Culinary Training


Collaborating to build food secure and healthy communities for all


Across the 18 counties Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC serves, thousands of people cannot reliably access all of the food they need to live a healthy life. Simply put, this is unacceptable, unnecessary, and why we do what we do.


From our data-driven initiatives, to small-town focus groups, to large-scale coordination with health care systems, to connecting elected officials with citizens with lived expertise with poverty and hunger, Second Harvest brings together community members and leaders to make impactful change in all areas of health, food access, and poverty. 

disaster response

As part of the Feeding America network, we stand prepared. 


As members of the Feeding America and Feeding the Carolinas networks, Second Harvest is part of a plan that positions emergency food supplies throughout the country to distribute quickly in the event of a disaster. We establish partnerships with local non-profits and within the food industry to call on when needed. Through our day to day hunger-relief operations, we help stabilize low-income and at-risk populations who are disproportionately impacted by natural disasters.  


During a disaster, Second Harvest uses our logistical expertise and equipment, such as storage facilities and trucks, and coordinates with Feeding America and Feeding the Carolinas to move food to the locations where it is needed. Our Providence Community Meals program creates ready-to-heat meals for quick distribution. 


Second Harvest and all Feeding America food banks remain rooted in communities long after disasters occur and help create long-term solutions for recovery in impacted areas. 

Feedng Innovation
Disaster Response
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