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Government Shutdown


Need help with food?

Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC is a source of food for a network of food assistance programs. You can find the pantries nearest you using this Food Pantry Finder tool on this website.  

Second Harvest also hosts periodic Community Food Distributions that provide food directly to individuals and families. Anyone can come to these events and each car gets enough to share with others. Products vary from event to event. Details for these events are posted to our Facebook Events page.


Our Food and Nutrition Services Outreach team can help you apply for FNS (formerly Food Stamps) BY PHONE. If you would like to make an appointment to receive help applying for Food and Nutrition Services, you can do so here: oor call: 336.422.7758.

The impact of a government shutdown on North Carolina families  



If legislation is not passed to fund the USDA and other departments by the March 1  continuing resolution deadline, a partial government shutdown will begin on March 2.


A partial government shutdown will add to the number of families facing uncertainty and compound ongoing challenges being expereinced by food banks in connection with reduced federal support and high food and transportation costs during a time of already increased need across the region.


Data for Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC’s 18-county service region show a sustained and alarming upward trend in requests for food assistance

A prolonged government shutdown would impact our collective work as a support system for individuals and families in two main ways:

  • Increased food insecurity – an increased need for food assistance among impacted families (federal employees, contractors, active-duty military, and other impacted individuals).

  • Disruptions to vital federal nutrition programs, due to a lack of funding, a delay in processing benefits, or both. These critical programs help 1.5 million North Carolinians each month (over 800,000 Households)






Second Harvest's cross-departmental government shutdown response team is closely monitoring this situation.


Second Harvest is in touch with organizations in our area whose employees will not receive their paychecks regarding the food assistance needs of impacted families.


Second Harvest and our partner food assistance network stand ready to assist impacted families. However, this shutdown comes at a time when our network is already experiencing heightened requests for help from families and reduced food supplies. 




Second Harvest Food Bank, along with the entire Feeding America network, is urging Congress to avoid a shutdown by swiftly passing legislation to fund the government. We need lawmakers to stay focused on passing a strong Farm Bill—not put more people at risk of facing hunger in our state. Make your voice heardContact your Representative and Senators and urge them to take action to avoid a shutdown.



Give as you can support Second Harvest’s ongoing critical work responding to heightened needs for food assistance in our community.

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