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Committee News and Updates

April 2024

Sustainability Committee (a.k.a. The Green Team)

The Sustainability Committee is led by Jeff Bacon and Beth Bealle. Second Harvest's “Green Team” meets on the first and third Thursdays each month, from

2 p.m.-3 p.m. in the Griswold Conference Room. If you’re interested in getting involved with this Committee, please reach out to Jeff or Beth B.


Don’t miss the largest Earth Day celebration in North Carolina! Second Harvest Food Bank will be exhibiting as a Gold Sponsor at Piedmont Environmental Alliance’s Earth Day Fair. Come on out for a fun, family-friendly day at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds – Saturday, April 20, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. 


Food Waste Prevention Week is happening the first week of April. At Second Harvest, preventing food waste is part of our core mission work. Learn more about why reducing food waste is so important and what you can do personally to help here. 

As part of Food Waste Prevention Week, the Green Team is hosting a Lunch-N-Learn – please bring your lunch and join us!


Microgreens and More
Thursday, April 4 | Noon

Providence/Nutrition Ed Classroom



Solar Harvest – We continue to pursue the installation of solar panels at Shorefair. We’re working with engineers and Renu Energy Solutions to determine the best placement of the solar system on our rooftop, and we’re also considering a ground-mounted system. It’s estimated that this system will generate enough electricity to power ¾ of our facility’s current needs, resulting in big savings on our power bill!


The Separator – Testing and fine-tuning continues with our food waste de-packager – which has even been munching on cans! We’re developing procedures and schedules for operating and cleaning the equipment and beginning to recruit volunteers. Stay tuned for a first-hand opportunity with The Separator coming up on Clyde’s Day.


Rain Collection Barrel – Soon to be installed in the Fitzgerald Teaching Garden is a specialized rain barrel for the collection of rainwater. We’ll use this system both for education about water conservation and for watering the garden during the coming hot months. 



EV Charging Stations – The Green Team will soon begin considering the installation of electric vehicle charging stations in our parking lot. The electric infrastructure was completed during the construction of our facility, so we are poised to implement when ready. More study is needed regarding cost and policies for use.

#GreenTeam #SustainabilityatSHFB







JEDI Committee

The Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Council is comprised of diverse cross-departmental team members committed to supporting SHFB in becoming a more equitable organization for all staff members and the communities we serve. We work to relate equity, diversity, and inclusion to the mission, values, and goals of Second Harvest through training, policy reform, and other actionable steps that support equity for all employees and those we impact through our work. The council is chaired by Crystal Redd with the leadership support of Nikki McCormick. The Council meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 2 p.m. If you are interested in joining this amazing team, please contact Crystal Redd.  We would love to have you.  


Currently, JEDI is participating in a full-staff Culture of Belonging training program.  You should be receiving links to these virtual training courses weekly.  If you have not been receiving these emails, check your spam folder. Please see Casey in HR or Crystal Redd if it is not there. If you prefer, you may attend one in-person training every month. These training sessions will cover the previous month's modules and discussion training.  It is not necessary to do both.


Supervisors have begun another leadership Culture of Belonging training. Dr. William Lewis of Willhouse Global leads both trainings. For the past two years, Dr. Lewis has been working with our organization as a consultant to help us achieve our goals of being a more inclusive and equitable organization.  


Based on data an input from staff, the Council and Willhouse Global have completed a tactical plan with steps to improve equity and belonging at the food bank. We are preparing to present this plan to the full board this month alongside our public strategic plan, which will be posted to our website to show our commitment to JEDI.

#InclusionMatters #EquityAtSHFB






Wellness Committee


Wellness Committee Meetings – The Wellness Committee meets the third Wednesday of the month at 4:00 pm. Contact Sheri Cordell.



Let’s all wake up from our Winter hibernation and "Spring" into action with an exciting Wellness Committee lineup for April and May!

April features tips for staying active and moving more as the weather warms up. Look forward to a staff walk (April 2nd), a step competition, moving to save the planet, and more!  Don’t miss your chance to get moving and grooving with fellow staff this month. 


Take a look at these fun spots for a scenic walk right here in Winston-Salem:

  • Salem Lake Trail (7 miles, 2.5 hours)

  • Reynolda House Gardens and Trail (1.7 miles, 35 minutes)

  • Hobby Park Trail (2.8 miles, 1 hour)

  • Salem Creek Greenway (5.5 miles, 1.5 hours)

  • Black Walnut Bottoms Trail (1.4 miles, 25 minutes)

Check out this link for additional information and trails in the area, enjoy!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we will explore the importance of Mental Wellness. Mental Health is far from what the eye can see; it encompasses emotional, psychological, and social well-being throughout life. 


Over the course of our lives, we experience how mental health can affect the way we think, how we feel, and the way we respond.  As we prepare, the Wellness Committee invites you to stay engaged with Mindful Mondays, an activity and tool for you to find stillness, and practice slow breathing, resting, and resetting your mind on what may lie ahead of you. 

Remember the FACTS when you are faced with a challenge to your mental health.

F – Focus on the present moment

A – Articulate your feelings

C – Connect with others

T – Take time for self-cCare 

S – Stick to good sleeping habits


Check out this link  for additional information on how you can build a Mental Wellness Toolbox.


Make your next break both active and environmentally friendly. Take your recycling to one of the collection stations in the building instead of using your in office can.


Mindful Mondays – Head to the Wellness Room every other Monday at 2 p.m. to enjoy 10 to 15 minutes of meditation, breathing exercises, and light mobility exercises.

Wellness Room – The Wellness Room is available every day for peace, relaxation, a moment of quiet, a moment of reflection, a mental break, a little reading, or whatever you need to feel motivated again. The room is located off the warehouse next to the Cardinal Room conference room and the partner distribution area.

Stay on track with the Wellness Room rules:

  • No reservation is needed.  The room may be used anytime during the day on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Be courteous and respectful.  The room is for everyone.  Share nicely, please.

  • Forget your cell phone.  The room is intended to be a “No Phone Zone.” Exceptions are for wellness activities like guided meditation, streaming wellness classes (yoga, Pilates, etc.), or wellness meetings (private counseling, etc.).

  • Leave the room as you found it (or better 😊).





Safety Committee


Have a safety concern? Contact Scott Andre Bowen.


Are you up to speed on Second Harvest's new Parking Lot Policy? Designated parking locations have been established that we ask you to adhere to moving forward, with the goal of making parking easier for everyone who spends time at our location. Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Part of this policy includes what to do when we have a large volume of guests/ volunteers. When these plans need to be implemented, someone on the Safety Committee will email staff.

Designated Parking Spaces


  1. Staff/Providence Students/Vendor Parking.

    1. See the map above. Staff, Providence Students, and vendors need to park in the Orange Parking area on the map.

  2. Providence Vans

    1. See the map above. Find the seven Green parking spots. These seven parking spots are now reserved for Providence Catering and Community Meals fleet vehicles. Personal vehicles should not park here. Signs will be posted.

  3. Guest/Volunteer Parking

    1. See the map above. Find the Yellow block labeled “Volunteers/Guests”These parking spaces are dedicated for our guests and volunteers.

  4. Large volume of guests and volunteers.

    1. Sometimes, we have large groups and volunteers who require more access to our parking lot. We do not expect everyone to remember every plan. When needed, plans will be communicated prior to the day. Please see the plans below.


Parking Plans


Normal Day Parking

Guests/Volunteers park in the 48 spaces in front of the building. (Yellow)

Providence Vans park in their designated parking spaces. (Green)

Staff/Students/Vendors park in the remaining 107 parking spaces. (Orange)


Overflow Parking Plans


Plan A

Guest/Volunteers: 60 or less guests

SHFB will park as normal. (Orange)

If space is not available, park on Shorefair Dr. (Blue). Do not make your own parking spot in our parking lot.  Do not park in the Providence Van spots. Do not park in the Guest/Volunteer parking spots.


Plan B

Guests/Volunteers: 60-100 guests

Department supervisors may tell staff to work remotely, if the position allows for remote work. Onsite staff/students/vendors will park as normal. (Orange) If space is not available, park on Shorefair Dr. (Blue) Do not make your own parking spot in our parking lot. Do not park in the Providence Van spots. Do not park in the Guest/

Volunteer parking spots.



Plan C

Guests/Volunteers: More than 100 guests

Department supervisors may tell staff to work remotely, if the position allows for remote work. Onsite staff/students/vendors will park on Shorefair Dr. (Blue) Do not make your own parking spot in our parking lot. Do not park in a handicap parking spot. Do not park in the Providence Van spots. Do not park in the Guest/Volunteer parking spots.


JEDI Council
Safety Committee
Sustainabilit Committee
Wellness Committee
The Garden Club
Employee Engagement
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