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Committee News and Updates

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September 2023

Employee Engagement Committee



The employee Kickball game and End of Summer Family Celebration both were a blast. Be sure to check out the photos gallery linked in the Feeding Community Newsletter. (FYI - more will be uploaded this weekend.)

Get Ready for Spirit Week October 23 - 27!

Highlights of what's ahead include:


  • Trunk or Treat (Thursday 10/16, 4:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.) Each committee will be showcasing a decorated vehicle and sharinge goodies and treats.. Taking place during Internal Pantry. 

  • ROAR (Friday 10/27, 5:30 p.m.) Bowling and simulated games reserved. Food + beverages available to purchase onsite.  

  • PINK Day (Wellness Committee) 


Coming in December...

  • The Second Harvest Apparel Store 

  • Red Cross Blood Drive in the Board Room (Friday, 12/15, noon to – 4:30 p.m.) Hot Chocolate & Holiday movies to enjoy while giving blood. Incentives for participants.  



We are a cross-departmental, collective voice that exists to engage the Second Harvest team through event planning, policy proposal, information sharing, facilitating personal and professional development opportunities, and connecting our hybrid workforce in meaningful, enjoyable ways. We also partner with the JEDI Council and leadership on various projects to ensure justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, and transparency are at the forefront of our internal engagement work.


We meet the 1st Friday of every month at 10:00 a.m.


Contact Kina Charles.

The Garden Club


We've had some great meetings and visitors in the garden, including the Forsyth County Community Garden Mentors. 


The garden has contributed to the Cafe lunch salad bar and made available some extra produce at lunch with the help of  Chef Songa and the Providence team. The tomatoes are starting to really take off and will be producing for a few months. 


Current Produce includes Watermelon, Cantaloup, Okra, Zucchini, Green Beans, Several varieties of Tomatoes, Several varieties of Peppers, Pumpkins.  Fall crops have been planted and will have slowly started to harvest including the Arugula, Beets Greens and Kale on the Salad Bar. Snow Pies, Carrots, Radishes, Turnips, Greens and more are growing. 

The Garden is always open for visitors. You are welcome to visit anytime and even enjoy your lunch at the picnic tables under the Pavilion.


The Garden Committee supports  our organizational and community education goals around garden-related topics, such as where our food comes from, the health benefits of eating fresh, organically-grown, whole foods and when to plant and harvest common crops in NC. In addition to assisting with garden maintenance, the committee informs partners, community members, and fellow Second Harvest team members about garden initiatives and ongoing community garden outreach efforts.


We meet the 2nd Thursday of the month, with additional opportunities in the garden offered through the month.


Contact Beth Sarmiento.

Jedi Council


We are currently working with our DEI consultant, Dr. William Lewis, on completing a Tactical Plan for our organizational work to better foster a culture of belonging. Once completed this plan will be given to the leadership team with recommendations. Along with that, a public facing document will be produced to be added to our website. These efforts continue to  emphasize our commitment to Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in our work and in the community. Dr. Lewis, our consultant, will meet with all staff at our October 4 meeting.   


The JEDI Council is a staff-led council supported by the VP of Partnership & Impact, Nikki McCormick, that seeks to create an inclusive, equitable, just, and supportive environment where the mission of Second Harvest Food Bank can be achieved in our internal and external work. We recognize that the root causes of hunger are systemic injustices - including the intersectionality of racism, classism, sexism and more - which create and perpetuate the conditions that sustain hunger and poverty. The council is open to all staff members as we seek to be representative of all departments throughout our organization. We serve as an advisory group to the leadership team on the issues of Justice, equality, diversity, and inclusion. This is essential for creating a culture where employees, volunteers and community members feel informed, included, respected, and valued.


We meet every other week on Wednesdays from 4:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Contact Crystal Redd.




Safety Committee


As we approach the one-year anniversary of being in our new home, the safety committee is always looking at ways to make sure we are operating in the safest manner. One way we can all help with this is to make sure all visitors are directed to our front door. This goes for volunteers, vendors, and guests. If you see someone without a name tag, and you are not sure they work here, please ask them if they have checked in with the front desk. If you make the mistake of saying this to a staff member, introduce yourself to your coworker. :)



Our goal is to  pursue a safe working environment for all employees, volunteers, visitors, and partners that operate within all Second Harvest buildings, activities, and vehicles.


We meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 10:00 a.m.


Contact Scott Andree Bowen.





Sustainability Committee (a.k.a. The Green Team)




Great news – we’ve expanded our recycling program to include glass and paper! Now, in addition to metal cans and plastic bottles/containers (#1 and #2 plastics only), you can toss glass bottles/jars and  paper in the blue recycle container at your workstation, or in the recycle bin located within each of our “Recycling Center” units found in the Breakroom, Commons, and Board Room. Please rinse any containers before disposing


Conservation is always a better choice. While we’re now able to recycle paper, please conserve paper by using digital documents whenever possible, limiting the number of print copies, and using double-sided printing. And please conserve plastic bottles by using a refillable bottle, mug, or cup at the water fountains installed throughout the building (located near our restrooms). To date we have “saved” 5,844 plastic bottles! 



We’re ready for you! Check out our brand new bike rack installed on the patio near the flagpole. If you bike to work, you can now park your bike safely and securely. And…thanks for saving energy with your “pedal power!” 



Energy Efficiency Day is coming up on October 4, and we’re celebrating the many ways our new headquarters home is energy efficient. Did you know our facility was sustainably designed with the following key features: 

  • Added thermal envelope insulation, including insulated precast wall panels and an R301 roof to create a tight and well insulated building interior. 

  • Uses natural light in most regularly occupied spaces, including the warehouse.  

  • Sustainable materials are used throughout the building, focusing on recycled content and low/no VOC2 contents. 

  • The warehouse uses a series of highly efficient HVLS fans – high volume, low speed – to decrease mechanical conditioning loads while maintaining personal comfort levels. The warehouse is fully conditioned and uses the HVLS strategy to reduce required energy demands.  

  • Highly efficient LED lighting is used throughout the facility— including high bay warehouse lighting. 

  • Water efficient and low-flow fixtures are used throughout the facility. 

  • Hybrid HVAC system installed to maximize efficiency. 


1Insulation is rated R30 if it can reduce heat conduction by 97%. 

2VOC refers to Volatile Organic Compounds that can be harmful to the environment and humans. 


Want to learn more about #EEDay2023 and how you can make your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly? Check it out here.  


In October we hope to launch The Separator, our food waste depackager located in the back corner of the warehouse. We will “feed” the Separator packaged food waste, and it will “separate” the packaging from the organic material and funnel each into separate collection bins. Then we’ll be able to dispose (or recycle) the packaging and send the organic material off for livestock feed and compost. This equipment and process will help us continue to reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill. Stay tuned for updates. 




City of Winston Salem’s Big Sweep  

Saturday, October 7 – 9am ‘til noon 

This annual event is the fall stream cleanup. Volunteers help clean up multiple locations across the city that include local waterways, parks, schools, and neighborhood sites. All supplies are provided, plus drinks and pizza! To volunteer, contact George Stilphen, Executive Director of Keep Winston-Salem Beautiful, Inc: | 336-403-7824  


Piedmont Environmental Alliance (PEA) Annual Party 

Wednesday, November 8 – 6-8pm 

SECCA | 750 Marguerite Dr, Winston-Salem 

Second Harvest Food Bank is a member of PEA’s Green Business Network -- local organizations with sustainability commitments and practices. 

More info about PEA’s annual party and RSVP here 



At its core, food banking is a community-based solution to hunger and food waste. Through Second Harvest Food Bank’s daily work, as well as our individual and organizational commitment to sustainability, together, we make enduring change happen.


The Sustainability Committee’s focus is on environmental and economic stewardship and incorporating the shared concerns of team members and our broader community.

We meet on the first and third Wednesdays each month, from 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. in the Griswold Conference Room. 


Contact Jeff Bacon or Beth Bealle.



Wellness Committee



Flu Shot Clinic – Wednesday, October 4, starting at 7 a.m. 

Flu and COVID shots will be available at Second Harvest headquarters on October 4. Sign up for a 10-minute appointment slot via the email link.  Be sure to bring your completed vaccine consent form and your insurance card with you to your appointment. 

Wellness Room Open House – Friday, October 13, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Come visit the Wellness Room on October 13th to see what it has to offer and enjoy a little refreshment.  The Wellness Room is open to all employees for Zen, relaxation, a moment of quiet, a moment of reflection, a mental break, a little reading, some light exercise, or whatever you need to feel well.  It comes equipped with: 


  • Comfy chairs 

  • A take-a-book, leave-a-book library 

  • Yoga mats 

  • Light weights 

  • Ropeless jump ropes 

  • Foam rollers 

  • And more 


The room is located next to the Cardinal Room and the partner agency pick-up area.  Please enjoy the room and share it respectfully with your fellow employees.  Namaste (The good in me recognizes the good in you.) 😊 

Breast Cancer Awareness Month 

  • Rock Painting – Monday, October 23 to Thursday, October 26 from 12 p.m. - 4 p.m. 
    Stop by the Fitzgerald Teaching Garden to paint a rock in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month (in the Wellness Room if the weather is bad).  Painted rocks will be displayed in the Teaching Garden to show support for people who have been affected by a breast cancer diagnosis. 


  • Pink Day! – Tuesday, October 24  – Show off your PINK side and wear all the PINK you want! 


Be Active, Be Well 

  • Ardmore RAH (Run Against Hunger) – October 21
    The Ardmore Run Against Hunger is a community-led walk, run, race, and food drive event that supports the mission and work of
    Second Harvest Food Bank.  There are multiple ways to participate including a 1-mile Fun Run, a 5K, or a 10K.  Sign up HERE to join in the fun!   

Words of Wellness on Chronic Disease and Food Insecurity 

Chronic Disease is defined as a disease state that is ongoing for one year or longer. They can affect a person’s day to life and basic function. Common examples of chronic diseases include Diabetes, heart related diseases such as high blood pressure and stroke, and certain cancers. 

Chronic diseases have many risk factors, one of which is poor diet. Individuals living in food insecure areas-specifically those with limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables- are over 40% more likely to develop a chronic disease during their lifetime, than those living in food security. 

This higher incidence of chronic diseases among people experiencing food insecurity can be attributed to the fact that limited access to fresh foods can lead individuals to choose diets higher in calories, lower in nutrients, higher in saturated and trans fats, and higher in sodium. This mix of characteristics over time can cause the worsening of symptoms, excess weight gain, and disease development. Common sources of these foods come from processed and fast-food retailers, as they are more accessible and often less expensive than fresh foods. 


Sources: diseases-higher-health- costs#:~:text=Adults%20in%20households%20with%20very,adults%20in%20food%2Dsecur e%20households. 




The goal of Second Harvest's Wellness Committee is to promote individual health and to create a wellness culture that is employee-centered, providing helpful resources and access to opportunities that foster a supportive environment for workplace health programs.


We meet the 2nd Friday of every month at 10:00 a.m.


Contact Sheri Cordell.

August 2023


The Safety Committee would like to remind everyone to keep the area around fire extinguishers clear. All fire extinguishers need to have easy access just in case there is a fire.



Thanks to everyone who is participating in our office composting program! A compost bin is located within each of our “Recycling Center” units found in the Breakroom, Commons, and Board Room.


EVERYTHING supplied in-house for meal service in the Breakroom – your plates and bowls, utensils, napkins, hot and cold cups, and ALL food waste is compostable. Please note that outside items you or others bring into the facility may not be compostable (ALL food waste is compostable). Also, common items like creamer cups, condiment packets, cracker wrappers, and plastic to-go packaging are not compostable. If in doubt, place your items in the WASTE bin. 


Here’s the video (back when Scott had a full beard).



Please remember to recycle metal soda and food cans and plastic bottles/containers (#1 and #2 plastics only). Please rinse before disposing in the blue recycling bin at your workstation, or in the recycle bin located within each of our “Recycling Center” units found in the Breakroom, Commons, and Board Room.


Here’s the video.


At this time, we are NOT collecting paper and glass for recycling, but we are researching this possibility. Stay tuned!



  • Tip #1: Since moving to our new headquarters facility last fall, we have “saved” 4,814 plastic bottles (as of 8/14) by using the water fountains installed throughout the building, located near our restrooms. Please use – and re-use – a refillable bottle, mug, or cup to stay hydrated throughout the day AND save plastic bottles.

  • Tip #2: Did you know you can reduce paper and envelopes by going “digital only” for your bi-weekly pay statement? Not only does this save on waste, it also saves on administration time!

    It’s easy to select this option in Paylocity, and your pay statements are always available online. Here’s how: Login to your Paylocity account through the website. Choose “Self Service Portal” from the gray hamburger menu in the top left corner. Your pay will be displayed in the center of the screen. Click “go paperless.” Then choose the “direct deposit” option. It’s that easy! (Please note, this cannot be done through the mobile app. You must do this from the website.) Need assistance? Please contact Casey Price for help.

Wellness Committee



Simple Steps to Take NOW for Financial Wellness LATER


1- Create a budget & stick to it

  • Note all sources and amounts of income.

  • Designate your expense buckets:

2- Settle debts

  • Pay at least the minimum payment on time to maintain good credit.

  • Pay off the highest interest rate debt first.

    • Pay off first - 15% credit card

    • Pay off second - 7% student loan

    • Pay off third - 4% mortgage

  • “Snowball” debt payments until all debt is paid off. 



3- Build up an emergency savings account

Plan for 6-9 months of expenses (check the budget you created earlier).


4- Look into life insurance

Try to get at least enough insurance to pay off your debts (including your mortgage) in the event of your passing. Your family will lose your income but still needs to cover debts unless you have insurance to remove those burdens.

Term life insurance is lower cost, better for younger individuals, but ends after a set period (5 years, 10 years, 20 years, etc.). Whole life insurance and universal life insurance are higher cost but cover your entire lifespan.


During open enrollment with Guardian, Second Harvest employees can sign up for basic life insurance of $25,000 at no cost.  You may also sign up for additional voluntary life insurance with premiums deducted from your bi-weekly pay.  Talk to Human Resources for more information.


5-Take advantage of employer sponsored 401k plans

Try to contribute at least the employer match amount (4% at Second Harvest!).  It’s an extra cash benefit from the company.


In a traditional 401k, your contribution goes in before income taxes are deducted.  You pay taxes on the funds when you withdraw them in retirement. In a Roth 401k, your contribution goes in after income taxes are deducted.  You do not pay taxes on the funds when you withdraw them in retirement. To get started, talk to Human Resources or visit Principal.

6- Prepare a will to explain your financial wishes after your passing

An estate planning lawyer can assist you, or 

Second Harvest employees can access basic WillPrep services through Guardian using the information to the below.

Employee Engagement
The Garden Club
JEDI Council
Safety Committee
Sustainabilit Committee
Wellness Committee
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