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WHY I GIVE with Barbara Walker

“One of the main reasons I give to Second Harvest is because the money goes directly to the community and children,” explained Barbara Walker, Deputy Athletic Director at Wake Forest University.” The money goes directly to the need. And every little bit helps.”

Barbara has been supporting Second Harvest Food Bank as a monthly donor for many years now. In the face of the pandemic, she’s even more committed than ever to supporting our work.

“With children not having the opportunity to go to school for extended periods of time, I’ve been concerned about their families being able to provide food for them,” said Barbara.

Food insecurity and poverty are long-standing challenges facing our communities that have worsened, as the pandemic has produced an economic crisis unlike anything since the Great Depression. Second Harvest and our partners are seeing a significant increase in requests for food assistance and, for some families, recovery will take years.

Through this past spring and summer, Second Harvest put particular attention to getting nutritious meals to children through special purchases of BackPack meal packs and delivering prepared meals to designated pick up sites. This work continues as schools have resumed, virtually and in person.

“Now is a really important time to be involved,” Barbara said. “There are families struggling that have never struggled before.”

Becoming a monthly donor like Barbara is a simple and meaningful way to bring food and hope to neighbors whose lives have been upturned through the pandemic.

“It’s something you can do with any size donation and every little thing counts,” Barbara explained. “I set it up to be automatic, so I don’t even think about it month by month. It gives me peace of mind knowing my donation is going to people who really need it – to our neighbors and friends.”

Be like Barbara. Be the reason parents who are struggling can care for and feed their child. You can sign up to be a sustaining supporter as you make your gift online. Or, if you prefer, you can call Jaimie Brown at 336.784.5770, and she will happily get you started.

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