Hope, for tomorrow

Leah was filled with fear as she walked out the door of her home seven years ago. After years of mental and emotional abuse she couldn’t take it any longer. Advocates at Family Services of the Piedmont had assured Leah that she would have a place to stay. Leah summoned the courage and, with her small backpack on her shoulder and $35 to her name, she left.

As Leah tells it, the five months she spent living at the Clara House, a shelter for domestic violence survivors, was a journey back to understanding who she is and restored self-worth and self-esteem.

"It made me who I am today, a strong woman with a voice, to be heard and advocate for others. I never thought at 55 years old I would have nothing. No Job. No money,” Leah explains. “I applied for Food Stamps and that program made such difference. It allowed me to eat and cook more meals. You don’t want to ask, but you’re so grateful for the help you receive.”