TEFAP: From Farms to Food Banks to Families in Need

It’s Friday afternoon and the warehouses at Second Harvest are bustling with activity.

Two teams of volunteers roll up their sleeves and line up down rows of food, watching the approaching pallet jack dragged by their teammates. As it is pulled past them, they check off inventory sheets and load up the specified boxes: 10 cases of green beans, 15 cases rice, 30 cases tomato sauce. Next stop: 10 cases peanut butter, 14 cases flour. At the end of the line is a “wrapper”—a volunteer who, sometimes dizzily, runs circles around the packed pallet, wrapping it in plastic to hold the food in place.

These volunteers are filling huge food orders for Second Harvest partner agencies, who will come pick up the food to bring back to their home communities across Northwest NC to distribute.