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“Don’t burn the bridges that took you across.”

Donna’s mother used to say, “Don’t burn the bridge that took you across, because you might need to cross again.” For Donna, that bridge was a local food pantry. They helped her access nutritious food her doctor said she needed to eat for her heart condition—food that she could not afford on her income.

Five years later at age 66, Donna is now a regular volunteer at that same pantry, helping others cross the same bridge. Her responsibilities include packing bag with frozen meats and fresh vegetables that come from Second Harvest. “I know my folks,” she says as she puts aside special foods for some of the older adults who visit the pantry—lean meats, brown rice, carrots, a bag of dried figs. “So many have health conditions—good food can be medicine, but bad food can be dangerous.”

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Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC

3655 Reed St. 

Winston-Salem, NC 27107

Tel: 336-784-5770

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