Hunger Action Month: 30 Ways in 30 Days to Support Second Harvest

September is Hunger Action Month! We've come up with simple ways you can fight hunger and raise awareness... every day!

September 1st: Fill out a volunteer application. There's no commitment, but it's a great first step to getting involved.

September 2nd: Hold a desk-top food drive at your office. Register your food drive here.

September 3rd: Donate salt, pepper, and your favorite spices to your local food pantry

September 4th: Share Second Harvest’s Find Help Tool on your Facebook page to help people connect to the help they need

September 5th. Host a virtual food drive and challenge your friends to get involved

September 6th: Share Jenny’s story with your friends and family.

September 7th. Add three child-friendly non-perishable food items to donate your grocery list this week. Best foods to donate here.

September 8th: Invite a friend to join you for lunch at Providence Kitchen

September 9th: Honor someone you know by sending them a Second Harvest Honor Card

September 10th: Invite co-workers to volunteer with you at Second Harvest

September 11th: Host a peanut butter drive. Learn about food drives here.

September 12th: Share Vanessa’s story

September 13th: Sign up for a volunteer Saturday at Second Harvest

September 14th: Make a reservation for dinner at Providence Restaurant

September 15th: Volunteer to help harvest at the Food Bank Garden

September 16th: Become a monthly giver at any amount to feed families

September 17th: Find out more about using Providence Catering for your next event

September 18th: Sign up for Second Harvest Advocacy Alerts

September 19th: Share Jim's story

September 20th: Sign up for the Ardmore RAH!

September 21th: Invite a friend to a Volunteer Night at Second Harvest

September 22nd: Learn more about the issues of hunger in your local community

September 23rd: Join Second Harvest’s Volunteer Opportunities Group

September 24th: Grab a cup of coffee at Providence Kitchen

September 25th: Share Taylor’s story

September 26th: Support local food by visiting your local farmers market

September 27th: Print our Best Foods to Donate list and keep it with your shopping bags

September 28th: Host a front-porch food drive in your neighborhood. Register your food drive here.

September 29th: Buy a Dine 52 raffle ticket

September 30th: Share Mary’s story

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