Snow Days Can Mean Hungry Days

Winter in the South can be cold and muddy. So when the snow falls, blanketing the ground and blessing the tree limbs with fresh white, all our hearts skip a beat. It is simply beautiful.

But for many North Carolinian children, snow days mean hungry days.

Across the 18 Northwest North Carolina counties that Second Harvest Food Bank serves, 1 in 4 children are food insecure–meaning they do not have reliable access to healthy, nutritious food to fuel their growing bodies and minds.

While many of us crowd the grocery store checkout lanes buying bread and milk for our families in advance of the snow coming, too many Northwest North Carolina families find themselves balancing budgets that don’t always cover all their most basic needs. Working families frequently find themselves with incomes that do not cover the totality of their expenses between childcare, transportation, housing and healthcare: what is left over is what can be spent on food.

Some families are able to supplem