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Walmart, Sam’s Club, Feeding America Food Banks Partnering to Address Food Insecurity

Updated: Jun 25

(John Norman, Distribution Assistant II with Second Harvest Food Bank, loads coolers with the day's produce receipts.)

In February of 2024, Second Harvest's network of partner food assistance agencies helped more than 75,000 Northwest North Carolina residents put food on their tables. That's a concerning 53% increase in the number of people requesting help over the same period last year. As families continue to do all they can to navigate through higher rent, food, and childcare costs, Second Harvest is asking people like you to keep doing all that you can to support our critical mission and work, so that our neighbors and communities can thrive.

Fighting persistent food insecurity in our communities is all about showing up to support our neighbors in ways that make a difference. Your continued strong support of Second Harvest's mission and work is essential to the success and impact of our mission.

Now in its 11th year, Fight Hunger. Spark Change. with Walmart stores and Sam's Clubs invites customers, members, and suppliers to help feed a neighbor and nourish our community through three simple actions you can take now through April 29, 2024.

(To date, thanks to your support, Fight Hunger. Spark Change. has provided more than $1.8 million to our food bank alone to support our programs feeding hope, health, and opportunity!)

3 Easy Ways to Fight Hunger. Spark Change.

  1. Purchase participating items in stores, clubs, or online at Walmart and Sam's Clubs. Each purchase generates a donation to a Feeding America food bank based on the store zip code.)

  2. Donate at check-out in stores or clubs (including at self-checkout. (Your gifts of $1, $5, or any amount will be directed to your Feeding America Food Bank, based on the store zip code.)

  3. Donate at Feeding America’s Fight Hunger. Spark Change. campaign donation site at either or

In the coming days, we'll highlight the impact of your support, as well as our year-round partnership with Walmart through Second Harvest's Produce Recovery Program. Through 2023, this program to prevent food waste, feed people, and support community health resulted in 3,99,261 pounds of produce donations! Be on the lookout for links to our new video series, Preventing Food Waste. Feeding People. Supporting Health. This series will spotlight the journey and impact of abundant produce donations received each week from Walmart.

Stay tuned to our blog and social channels!

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