Ben Dunlap brings tenacity and talent to the table: We provide opportunity.

Earlier this month, Ben Dunlap stood up to the microphone in front of a group of students about to graduate from Providence Culinary Training. “I’ve never made a speech before,” he humbly said.

“My dad was… how do I say it? A street hustler,” he said. “He always did whatever he had to in order to provide for his family.” Ben said his father passed away recently, and now he wants to honor his father’s commitment to his family by supporting his own young family, but via a different means.

Despite his incredible work ethic, Ben had been struggling to find family-supporting wages to provide for his wife and child. Like many of our students at Providence Culinary Training, Ben pieced together a living through working odd jobs: but even when full time, it didn’t always pay the bills, not to mention help his family get ahead.